Justify Your Justice

Once united, a nation stands

Divided against itself

And where can it turn now

For a justice that never was?

I think of the streets

Of a home I have only seen

Less than a handful of times

I picture the flames that rise

The orange crack of burning

Revenge, licking at sun-blackened skin

This is my country?

My memories send me false

Pictures of quaint stores

And yellowed sandstorms

That drive everyone in, family

Huddled in a dark room, the

Ticking of idle generators

Our only soundtrack

Now the orchestra is led

By tyrants, conductors who

Wave their empty words around

Enough so that they keep the people

At bay, so that no one dares to

Speak against this justice

That has burned our blood




You, with your practiced routines
And run-downs
You’ve learned how to tap your way
Into situations
and execute perfect pirouettes
Out the door
You know just when to make
An entrance
Your arabesques and dips
For no one’s sake but
Your own
You know when to glide
And when to shimmy
Your calculated steps
Those of a pro
Watching you twist and slide your way
Out of trouble
I wonder where you earned
Such moves
And if you’ll ever teach me