Do you remember her?

She used to dream so freely

Grasping for joy and comfort

In the spaces where there was no room

For hate


She colored outside of the lines so well

And her ears heard nothing but melodies

Her eyes saw nothing but beautiful things

She used to believe that everyone was pure-hearted

And she could laugh and smile in her own way

Without second-guessing her appearance


Remember when she sat on her mother’s lap

And thought the world was perfect,

Just the way it was?

She used to lie at night, unburdened

Her thoughts light, her mind at ease

Do you remember her, the little girl you used to be?



She drowns, and no one sees

That her tears have become

Drops from the ocean

Not salty, but bitter

With the knowledge that

They have forgotten.

She used to catch their tears

In the palm of her hand

So that they seeped into

The crevices and stung

The years of hard work

That hardened her skin

Were she to stand up now

And let the ocean waters

Wash off like memories

Down her back

She knows that none of them

Would spare her a single drop