It’s okay to crash, as long as you’re not the one who set the coordinates

“If you allow yourself to have safety nets, you’re just setting yourself up for a fall.” -N.M.

So many times I’ve heard friends, family members, teachers, advisors say that it’s best to have a plan C/D/E when you’re figuring out what you want to do with your future. Until recently, I would’ve agreed with that advice, since plan A’s can often backfire and hit you in the face harder than the backlash of Voldemort’s Avada Kedavra. But I’ve long since come to learn that positivity is the best way to form (and maintain) your future. It’s become second nature to me to remind myself that what I want to do is directly tied to what I can do, or what I strongly believe I can do. In other words, why not have just a plan A, as long as you’re going to dedicate yourself to that plan until you get to where you want to be? It’s all about mindset, and making whatever you want to happen…happen. OK, so having a Plan B is also a good idea, not as a just-in-case, but as a second, simultaneous option to go along with A. Having multiple projects to work on, so that you could potentially mold them into one genius idea that is (almost) immune to failure, is a good way to assure yourself that you can, in fact, do it. And it serves to cater to your positive attitude.

Some might say that you need a fall every now and then so that you can appreciate where you’ve been, and I agree with that, to an extent. Falling when you’re not expecting it is fine, because it comes with the territory; aiming high is sure to end in ugly slips every now and then. The problem is when people believe that they can’t really get that position, so they apply for something else. Or they won’t be able to learn a second, or third, language, so they don’t make any attempt. The mentality has to be positive at all times. You are, after all, who you set out to be. Nobody’s going to worm their way into your thoughts and take it into their own hands to submit the book that’s been stewing in your mind for over two years, as awesome as that may be. You have to find the courage and press the button. Where it takes you is a different matter, but at least you knew you could do it.


To Strike A Chord

To strike a chord in the heart strings of those who seek beauty and truth, to make an unsuspecting reader smile, to pave a new wave of thought, to connect with the masses, the unseen and unheard, to show the silent that they have a voice, to merge fantasy and reality in such a way that no distinctions can be made between them, to erase all boundaries holding back the imagination, to captivate a reader in such a way that he begins to think of himself as a character, to share experiences and experience my share of things, to record adventures and make unlikely characters heroes, and to start a conversation among those who otherwise would have never met…this is what I hope to accomplish through my writing.

“Vantage Point”

Today I stand

On mountains

And contemplate

The tips of others

My horizon is

The entirety of the earth

My skies reflected

In the oceans.

I stand for I am

Not one to sit and ponder

Life from the safety

Of small corners

Yet for all my attempts

At breaching heights

I am not so

Delusional as to think

That I am at the

Highest vantage point

Because, after all

There are still

Distances above me

Left to climb

And a Happy New Year

Here’s to a year full of accomplishments completed, dreams established, and goals met. A year of successful marriages and easy births, graduations and new beginnings, small miracles and huge opportunities. Let’s pray for a 2014 that brings joy to those who have seldom tasted joy, hope to those who have stopped believing, and faith to the weakest hearts.

Wishing you all a thriving and eventful 2014


Give me a taste of freedom

For I’d like to take a sip

A chance to walk outside of

This life’s insistent grip


What dreams lie before me

Or are there dreams at all?

I’d like to rise and touch the sky

Before I reach my fall


A taste, that’s all I ask for

My heart knows not its greed

Where can I find a road on which

My own dreams can proceed?


A taste, feeling nothing

But the rain upon my skin

And perhaps a freedom outside—

As well as deep within


Give me a taste of freedom

To liberate my will

Lend me a cup of liberty

So I can take my fill


To take a sip of freedom

That’s all I’d like to do

A taste of rights defended

And feelings born anew 

A Dose of Positivity

It seems like just yesterday I was making resolutions and welcoming the new year with open arms. Now it’s already November, and we’ll all be making new resolutions in a couple of months. It’s easy to forget how time operates; we get caught up in the day-to-day, living our lives like they’ll run their course forever.

But once we realize that time is ticking by faster than the hands on any clock, then inspiration (and sometimes panic) start pushing us to do more. To write the novel we’ve been planning for months, to audition for the part in a Broadway musical, to finally gather up enough courage to strap on a harness and let gravity do the rest.

In my own life, I often get caught up in a lot of things at once, and it can be overwhelming. But every time I feel like I’m about to hit rock bottom, I surround myself with positivity and try my best to keep my spirits up. I thought I’d share some of that positivity with you guys, just to keep the energy flowing 😄

* * *

For the longest time, I was the kind of person who liked to go along with the flow, gradually seeping into the background of the ordinary. Every time my father said to me: “Be a leader, not a follower,” I nodded my acquiescence and resolved to lead. Of course, that kind of commitment isn’t born out of a half-hearted agreement.

It has taken me 20 years to gauge an understanding of who I am. The timid shell of a human being who hid behind her insecurities and bowed under pressure has chosen to crush her shell and stand up, stand out, stand apart. I realize now that nothing in this world is handed to you, which is a small blessing, for what would be the fun in having dreams readily available to us, without our having to dream them?

I like to believe that success is an attitude. If you let yourself think about all the things you can’t do, about what you haven’t yet done, then life will seem like a school-bus ride to nowhere: endless and uncomfortable. Instead, let us remind ourselves that every small achievement is a brick, and eventually we will build houses on top of mountains.

There we will stand, and look down at the world as it once was. Then we will let our gazes turn skyward, and never stop climbing…