A Story in so Many Words: Innocent

They looked at him, these strangers, as if they had known him all his life. He wanted to laugh in their faces, to stand up and wave his shackled wrists at them. But he turned, saw his mother’s eyes, and he confessed to a crime he hadn’t thought to commit.


A Story in so Many Words: Neglect

“The baby was remarkably well-behaved. She stayed on her back, content with the spinning animals that made infinite revolutions above her head. She waved her baby hands and laughed silently, happily ignoring the two most important people in her life and unintentionally already picking up on her parents’ bad habits.

A Story in so Many Words: Terror

They come from the shadows, splaying themselves over the night sky and extinguishing the stars. There are thousands, their eyes the black holes that have infested the world. They breathe as one, merging into a monstrous being that consumes everything and becomes nothing, and they never fail to haunt her.

A Story in so Many Words: Airborne

She grips the balloon, letting the string dig into small fingers that strain with the effort of holding on. Her brows are knitted with unwavering concentration. A sudden wind wrenches the string from her hands, stinging pale skin. She watches the last reminder of her father drift to the heavens.

A Story in so Many Words: “Dawn”

In this part of the world it’s hard to know where the sky ends and the ocean begins. He breathes in the salt of early morning and thinks that he could stay here forever, balanced on the edge of two horizons, seeking nothing more than comfort from the rising sun.

A Story in so Many Words: “Reassurances”

She’d only agreed to let him take her back here because she knew he needed it. He needed the reassurance that, in some parallel universe, where all the elements and time were on their side, their daughter would still be alive and they wouldn’t need to shed so many tears.