The Life of a Budding…Something

When you have a lot of interests it’s hard to pick and choose labels that you think will fit you best. For that very reason I avoid labels at all costs. For one thing, no one passing me on the street (not that I make it a habit to walk on streets, so you can make a safe assumption that I value my life). But no one passing me by would look at me and venture to guess that I’m a writer who occasionally dabbles in photography, has a penchant for philosophy, and admires Spanish both as a language and a culture. No one would get that just from looking at me, not unless they were psychic. My point—I promise I have one—is that my interests lie in many diverse and completely different areas, but it all comes down to the umbrella that keeps them all clustered as a big, happy family: WRITING. I believe that my passion for writing is nothing less than a purpose in life that has pointed me in the direction of expression through written word, and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Welcome, fellow bloggers: Photographers, food experts,nature addicts, authors, poets, beauty experts, fashionistas, sports critics, artists. Enter if you believe sanity to be overrated




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