Daily Prompt: “Blogger of Repute”

When I think of the word “reputation,” it always seems like it should have a negative connotation. Maybe that’s because I always read it in negative contexts. But when we think of our own reputations, we want to be remembered and noted positively in conversation. I dream of a (hopefully near) future in which I’ve succeeded in establishing myself as who I want to be, who I want people to know me as. As much as I detest labels, it’s important that we be associated with the qualities that make us who we are. At the moment, the only people who have had a taste of the person I want to be are family, friends, and the extended family that is the blogging community and my awesome followers. But even to my family and friends I’m someone who loves Spanish, loves philosophy, loves to think. I love a lot of things, but nobody sees any of those things as my reputation. (Ok, so in my parents’ minds I’m already a successful writer with a couple of bestsellers). But let’s be real, they’re my parents, they tend to be slightly biased in my favor.

For the rest of the world to recognize me as a writer, I have to convince myself that I am one. Whether I’m writing a post or a poem or a short piece of fiction, I’m still writing. I’m doing what I want to do for the rest of my life. For it to be my rep, I have to promise myself that I’m never going to stop.

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