30 Days to a Better Blog: Challenge #1

I originally started a blog because I wanted to get my feet wet, regarding the whole self-publishing experience. I wanted to dabble in the blogging community and get to know people who shared similar interests, hoping to open my own doorways of opportunity. Now, nearly seven months later, I’ve managed to publish over a hundred posts, and with each update I’ve felt the same sense of pride and joy. It’s no small feat to put your work out there for the world to see, to let the mouse hover over the publish button while asking yourself the same questions every time. Should I re-read it again? Is there a better way to word that? What am I doing? This sounds stupid.

But no matter how much time you spend going over a draft, no matter how much you hesitate, you always find the courage to do it. I’m glad that I made what has turned out to be a very important decision. As an aspiring writer, it’s a vital first step for me to be able to introduce my writing and myself in any way that I can. In today’s communication age, there are many outlets for writers that did not exist a decade ago. We need to take initiative and “sell ourselves,” because no one is going to hold our hand through the process. That’s why I’m grateful for having such a widespread outlet as this, to be able to share my work and enjoy others’ work as well.

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