Justify Your Justice

Once united, a nation stands

Divided against itself

And where can it turn now

For a justice that never was?

I think of the streets

Of a home I have only seen

Less than a handful of times

I picture the flames that rise

The orange crack of burning

Revenge, licking at sun-blackened skin

This is my country?

My memories send me false

Pictures of quaint stores

And yellowed sandstorms

That drive everyone in, family

Huddled in a dark room, the

Ticking of idle generators

Our only soundtrack

Now the orchestra is led

By tyrants, conductors who

Wave their empty words around

Enough so that they keep the people

At bay, so that no one dares to

Speak against this justice

That has burned our blood



“Majorly Minor”

I am a minority

Of a minority

Of a minority

My skin is not quite

Dark, not really

Light. I wrap my

Head in a symbol

Of the star and crescent

And yes, I am

A woman.

A triple threat, just as likely

To be triply threatened

But I fear no opinions

Sneers, whispers, or thoughts

Because others’ words

Can only serve to better me

As I am.

I choose who I want to be

Not the labels that society

Has decided to stick to the

Lapel of my dignity


She drowns, and no one sees

That her tears have become

Drops from the ocean

Not salty, but bitter

With the knowledge that

They have forgotten.

She used to catch theirĀ tears

In the palm of her hand

So that they seeped into

The crevices and stung

The years of hard work

That hardened her skin

Were she to stand up now

And let the ocean waters

Wash off like memories

Down her back

She knows that none of them

Would spare her a single drop

Change Starts Small

Going for yet another new look, as part of the DP’s Zero to Hero January challenge list! I know I’m a bit late but it was kind of hard parting with my other theme, which was fairly new. This time I thought I’d try a more minimalist, writing-centered look. Change starts small!