A soldier stood beneath the rain

His daughter standing by his side

Waiting to board an east-bound plane,

He held her tightly while she cried


She asked him if he had to go

Sobbing her heart out on his sleeve

He sadly smiled and held her close

Then told her, “Yes, I have to leave.”


He bowed his head, torn in between

The two things that he loved the most

A daughter whom he’d barely seen

And the honor of his army post


She’d gotten used to seeing him

Only every now and then

Things would be normal when he came

Then he’d pack and leave again


Her third-grade mind had understood

That this was Daddy’s job

He’d tell her he’d stay if he could

And she would only sob


Now there they stood, a strong-willed pair

She, clutching her father’s shirt

He brushed back a strand of her hair

And saw her blue eyes filled with hurt


The soldier then began to cry

And pressed his daughter to his chest

His plane ascended to the sky

And both their hearts came, then, to rest


The father laughed and dried their tears

And thought how blind he’d been before

He held his daughter to him, near

This angel—who’d saved him from the war


She smiled and kissed her father’s cheek

Her fears had all now somehow died

She now felt strong, instead of weak

With her hero by her side 

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