Red and blue lights

Scream danger 

Their shadows imprinted

On a starless sky

But here

Beneath bent steel

And twisted glass

The silence echoes off of

Jagged shards

Their edges cutting into

Numb flesh

Blue with the mapping 

Of a thousand rivers

Having lost their streams 

Of red.

The silence breaks

Like a glass under pressure,

Roars of confusion 

Pierce the numbness in her mind

She is carried away 

Suspended on a bed of noise

Calling for a silence

That never returns 


“Yellow Rose”


In the photograph I am 

No older than a year

Floral dress contrasting

Grandmother’s red dress

Clenched in a baby fist

Is a yellow rose

In full bloom, brushing 

A quivering chin. 

My eyes are black with wonder

Looking out past the lens

Past the rose

Past my father, who holds the camera

Lips parted in toothless awe,

I contemplate the blossoming

Of an unknown future 

A Dose of Positivity

It seems like just yesterday I was making resolutions and welcoming the new year with open arms. Now it’s already November, and we’ll all be making new resolutions in a couple of months. It’s easy to forget how time operates; we get caught up in the day-to-day, living our lives like they’ll run their course forever.

But once we realize that time is ticking by faster than the hands on any clock, then inspiration (and sometimes panic) start pushing us to do more. To write the novel we’ve been planning for months, to audition for the part in a Broadway musical, to finally gather up enough courage to strap on a harness and let gravity do the rest.

In my own life, I often get caught up in a lot of things at once, and it can be overwhelming. But every time I feel like I’m about to hit rock bottom, I surround myself with positivity and try my best to keep my spirits up. I thought I’d share some of that positivity with you guys, just to keep the energy flowing 😄

* * *

For the longest time, I was the kind of person who liked to go along with the flow, gradually seeping into the background of the ordinary. Every time my father said to me: “Be a leader, not a follower,” I nodded my acquiescence and resolved to lead. Of course, that kind of commitment isn’t born out of a half-hearted agreement.

It has taken me 20 years to gauge an understanding of who I am. The timid shell of a human being who hid behind her insecurities and bowed under pressure has chosen to crush her shell and stand up, stand out, stand apart. I realize now that nothing in this world is handed to you, which is a small blessing, for what would be the fun in having dreams readily available to us, without our having to dream them?

I like to believe that success is an attitude. If you let yourself think about all the things you can’t do, about what you haven’t yet done, then life will seem like a school-bus ride to nowhere: endless and uncomfortable. Instead, let us remind ourselves that every small achievement is a brick, and eventually we will build houses on top of mountains.

There we will stand, and look down at the world as it once was. Then we will let our gazes turn skyward, and never stop climbing…