“A Just Nation”

I speak as you would, my Sudan
As I imagine how you feel
To be imprisoned by one man
His reign a fist of tarnished steel

I speak because I hurt for you
Because I wish to share your pain
His lies all hide behind what’s true
He works for what will win him gain

He held you down, submerged and drowned
Beneath a weight of selfish pride
He came and chose himself to crown
With no supporters at his side

You did not cry, my dear Sudan
Your tears would just have dried in sand
How could you have discerned his plans?
What would have helped you understand?

The cycle spins, from start to start
And justice rules where evil falls
Revolt is rooted deep in hearts
In answer to the people’s call

And call they have, so bells will ring
The streets are full of freedom’s men
We dare not ask what Fate will bring
Until the lies are dead, and then

And then, my loved Sudan, you’ll see
What freedom means, what it can do
The echoes of your liberty
Will bring the joys of joy to you

Your streets will overflow with it
That force igniting every man
The fight in each will be well lit
So that you may become SUDAN

Without a man to call you slave
Your chains will shatter into dust
And then on maps, we will engrave:
Sudan, the nation of the just


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