“Fighting for a Cause”

Hazy skies and damp eyes
The echoes of a thousand cries
Woven in with untold lies
That breed evil where evil lies
A child is limping, machine gun
Clutched in his arms even as his mother tries
To hold him back
Cocoon him in the rubble that’s a house in disguise
But he kisses her forehead and makes promises
And she cradles him and sighs
Watching helplessly as her last hope becomes
Just another one of four goodbyes
He’ll go and do what they tell him,
Pretend to be just another one of his supporters
Just to say that he has ties
He’ll try to come back to his mother
But that’ll bring suspicion
They’ll torture him for answers
Until he gives in to the why’s
With tears flowing down his cheeks
From his swollen, bleeding eyes
He’ll ask God with gasping breath,
Even as his passion dies
To keep his aging mother
From the soldiers and their spies
His light will be extinguished,
And his soul be called to rise
And the soldiers, they will kick him
Stomp his bloodied, mangled thighs
They’ll laugh at his weakness,
At his miniature frame and size
To them, it doesn’t matter
These boys are like supplies
As expendable as the guns they carry,
Weighing them down as they pretend
To be the enemies of their enemy’s enemy
Killing their own and shooting to kill
For someone they secretly despise
Hating themselves for letting one man rule their actions
Puppets of puppets of a master
With blood on his conscious
And red in his eyes
A cause without cause whose regime
Stands for nothing
Tyrannical will that clenches its subjects
By the throat and relies
On nothing but the spread of fear,
Staining the land and reflecting in bleak skies
That haven’t seen a sun since the people said “freedom”
And wished for their leader’s demise
And the mother kneels in the corner of her house
That is no longer a house,
Her tears staining the beads
She strings through trembling fingers
As her shadow hears her cries
She knows, she knows because her heart
Feels like it’s been ripped from her chest
And she knows what this implies
Lifting her head toward the heavens,
She shudders with grief and screams for her lost ones
Husband, brother, son, son
The prayer echoes over silence
“Why, oh please God, why!”

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