They take me by surprise, my captors


And I, fool that I am, berate myself


For having forgotten to lock the doors, once again


And yet, while I scowl upon my predicament


I know that locked doors and hostility


Will never keep these uninvited guests at bay


Instead I sigh and, choosing to forgo lamentation


Give in to that passion that so often has taken control.


My fingers, not of their own will, grasp the pen


My mind, slave of these guards that stand at attention


Unlocks its gates and succumbs to their will


These words that knock aside all other thoughts


And attach themselves to me like vines to walls


These tormentors that allow me no rest


Until I have delivered the message to their liking


And done my duties well. Alas, I wish I knew


How I might gain some authority over these intruders


Yet, and dare I confess such things!


Without them I would be a mere shadow of myself


Left to wander, lost and raving


In a world where sadness rules and Muses lie, forgotten

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