For Syria

Imagine waking up to bombings 
In the midst of civil war
Imagine seeing children dying
Each day a thousand more

Imagine if you had a family
Parents, brothers, sisters -- dead
Imagine speaking only truth 
But people twist the words you said

Imagine being thirteen, fourteen
Fifteen and carrying a gun 
Imagine fighting for survival 
Imagine skies without a sun 

Living in the midst of fear
Wearing courage as a mask
Killing people you once knew 
As a necessary task

Imagine shooting down your neighbor
Running through blood-flooded streets
Imagine losing one leg -- both legs
And still not accepting defeat 

Imagine having no school to go to
No single place to call your home 
Imagine wishing you could die a martyr 
Instead of having to live alone

Covered in the grime of battle 
With gunshots as your only guide 
Wondering if today's your last day
If tomorrow will decide 

Fighting someone else's battle
Dying a hero at their hands 
Never surrendering to deception 
For then you'd die a broken man

Imagine hiding in an alley
Listening to the wails of pain 
A mother, witness to her baby's death
Pleading to see her child again 

Imagine losing all your hopes, your dreams
All your goals just pushed aside 
Living a nightmare no one dares to live
And not knowing where to hide

Families buried in the rubble 
Screams and bombs ring through the air
And still they kill, they lust for blood
These monsters that feed on despair

Imagine facing death each day 
Begging God to let you die 
Imagine hatred taking over 
Red tears when you find a chance to cry

Imagine love and hope and freedom 
Washed away in blood and tears
Imagine a hundred battles in a day
Battles that would have taken years 

Thousands of civilians dying 
Imagine that out on your street 
Bodies everywhere you're walking 
Children lying at your feet 

Imagine death 
At every door
Sparing no one, taking most 
Syria as the timid guest 
And Death its less than courteous host

Imagine fear
Imagine hate 
Imagine all that which you've seen
From the safety of your home 
On your plasma TV screen 

It is difficult to imagine 
But with Syria we will stand 
Stand for freedom and for justice 
For every woman, child and man 
We will protest through our prayers
We will shoot down with our faith
Bomb the Army with our voices
Oust a coward with our strength 

You're a thousand miles away
But your spirit carries through
We are all amongst your people
Syria, we are here with you









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