“Time Our Enemy”

The things that time can do to man
Are worse than even death
For dying is a quick escape
Once you have lost your breath

But time can leave a lasting scar
That never seems to heal
It takes away your youth too soon
Until you cannot feel

Deteriorates the minds of men
And rots away their smiles
Weakens their strength, until a yard

Seems like a thousand miles

Time, with its two deciding hands
And calculated stride
Can chase men to their ready graves
No matter where they hide

Time the lone war hero, fighting
Against 6 billion strong
Takes all in one decided sweep
Stopping their lively song

What man can stand a chance against
The gripping hands of fate?
What soul can run away from time
Without taking its bait?

For time is clever with its traps
Ensures a man’s demise
Takes toll on him once he is born
A poison in disguise

A child becomes a growing man
A growing man turns old
An old man cannot ever run
From time’s descending hold

So time becomes the enemy
Guarding his own frontier
And he shall take men, one by one
Feeding on all their fear

Time is the only thing that lives
While life itself expires
Leading to Heaven’s pearly gates
Or Hell’s eternal fires

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