“On Being Happy”

For the heart to know happiness

True happiness

The kind often boasted of

In fairy tales


Page after page

Carried valiantly on glowing smiles

And happy endings

Happiness that breeds ignorance

In eager hearts

The kind of joy

That causes souls to sing

To soar and assume

Stances of staggering


To be content

So carefree, indeed

That life and dreams

Merge into one

Indistinguishable picture

Of pure


Unmistakable joy

Sickeningly sweet




All-encompassing happiness

Blind eyes squinting

Through the wrong end

Of a kaleidoscope

Myriad of emotion

Dosed in waves

Of porous, pouring

Resilient happiness

Sweet enough to dig

A thousand cavities

In the heart

Until blood is gone

And in its place

Faded memories

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