“Ode to a Life’s End”

O burning heart!

I speak to thee

I call your highly spoken name

I ask you to return to life

(Without you life is not the same)


O wounded soul!

I beg of you

I hope I do not cry in vain

I wish to see you mended now

For I cannot endure this pain


O shattered mind!

My closest friend

These thoughts no longer heal thy ails

I wish that I could let you rest

So your faculties may not fail


O battered corpse!

O helpless life!

Alas, this world was cruel to thee

How I would yearn to salvage you

And grant thee immortality


But time has passed,

And now stands still

Failing to mend thy hurt and pain

And you, my heart, shall move no more

For time has failed us once again


The mind’s decay

Will follow still,

The body’s rotted corpse in death

Thine eyes will close eternally

And you shall breathe one final breath


I call your names

O heart! O mind!

O soul deserving naught but best!

Alas, you all are sleeping sound

I leave you now, to rest

To rest  

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