Distant shores have always known

The kiss of azure sea

Its sway a dance of carelessness

And immortality

Yet look you there, upon the shore

Where happy birds may sing

The sea itself becoming clear

Upon their lined wing

It ripples past and empties out

Yet still remains the same

An endless dance of nature’s beast

Ne’er striving to be tame

A cold reflection of the skies

With sting of brightened rays

A sea of foam and languid waves

Ne’er measured by the days

It keeps its measure

Dancing forth

Along the shore, enthralled

Majestic, though at times the tide

Can raise its towered walls

And still, as day becomes obscure

And sun fades into blue

The singing bird will sleep until

The rise of morning’s dew

And yet the ocean never sleeps

Nor thinks of timely rest

It moves as sun peeks in the east

And when it sets in west

It moves while mortals die in peace

Whilst lands become destroyed

And while the world is changed, it still

Fills evanescent void

Its dance an endless melody

Its rhythm- soothing rhyme

A sea of hidden history

Affected none by time


Nihal Mubarak

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